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Saturday, October 30, 2010

HDR Using Our Sony A100

Having devoted a majority of my posts to HDR using the Nikon D90, it got me to thinking about how you could accomplish getting the required minimum exposures on the Sony A100.

A little Google search provided the answer. This is how the photo was exposed:

1. I set the exposure mode (metering mode to multiple segment)
2. Attached my shutter release cable.
3. Set the Mode to "P" for program mode -- some refer this to Professional Mode.
4. Note the Aperture called for by the "P" mode.
5. Switch the Mode setting to "A" for aperture
and set the aperture to the value noted in 4.
6. Press the A100 AV button on the top rear of the camera and set the AV to -2.0.
7. On a tripod of course, press the shutter button (in my case the shutter release cable).
8. Press the AV button again and set the AV value to 0.0.
9. Press the shutter release button to expose the second photo.
10. Press the AV button again and set the AV value to +2.0.
11. Press the shutter release button to expose the third and final exposure photo.

Now what do you do with these three photos?

I use Photomatix Pro 3.2 to combine the photos into a "tone-mapped image". There are other programs that will perform that function and the new Adobe Photoshop CS5 will do this function too. But my experience with CS5 has been that to achieve the results that I get with Photomatix takes too long and slider settings are not easily interperted. None of CS5's default settings are of interest to me.

My approach to HDR is to increase the camera's ability to see detail in the shadows and the highlights -- and not to try to turn the photo into a "Starwars" image.

There are some impressive "Starwar Images" that I have viewed but it is not for me.

For more information on Photomatix Pro go here: Photomatix Pro.

Click on the photo to fill your screen.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hand-Held HDR Photographs

Both these buildings are located on Hwy 197s heading to Pensacola, NC. I photographed the buildings in HDR hand-held. Both photos consisted of three individual photographs exposed at +/- two stops and an individual photo expose to what the camera computed to be the ideal aperture. Both sets of photos were then processed using Photomatix Pro and then adjusted in Photoshop CS5. The building on the top was an antique outlet that we frequented when the proprietor was still alive. Click on each photo to fill your screen.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pensacola, NC Grocery Store in HDR

I could not resist the opportunity to photograph the local grocery store in downtown Pensecola, NC -- especially with the suggestion that you should vote conservative. We know some of those listed and plan take their suggestion. Don't forget to click on the photo to fill your screen.

Fall Foliage in Western North Carolina

This is Billy Wilson's spread located on Hwy 197s on the way to Asheville over the mountains. This photo was shot in HDR with +/- two stops plus the one the camera says is the correct exposure. The exposures were blended using Photomatix and fine tuned in Photoshop.

It was a beautiful day
and with the color changes rapidity it was necessary to forgo a nap to capture the beauty that surrounds us. We are entering the peak of the fall foliage and with forecast winds and rain due the next few days it is essential to keep your camera at the ready. Click to fill your screen.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Early Fall Sunrise Over The Blue Ridge in HDR

I tried tone mapping the three images used for this HDR using the new HDR Pro that is part of PS CS5 but was unable to duplicate the result shown here using Photmatix Pro. The effort required to achieve the result show is much less with Photomatix. Trust me -- take my word for it! Don't forget to click on the image to fill your screen