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Monday, November 12, 2012

Solstice Cycle Shop

This log building has had a number of business types since we have been living in Burnsville, NC.  The owners have turned it into a bicycle shop.  They asked me to photograph the building.  This High Dynamic Range (HDR) was shot at f22 with a 18-200 mm lens on a Nikon D7000 camera.  I used Photomatix HDR software and rendered the three exposures with the installed default called Painter.  The sky was clear so I made a selection of the sky using Photoshop select command color range.  With the selection loaded I opened the file containing the sky and selected the whole file.  Switching back to the building file I used the Paste Into command.  The sky file was then transformed to fill the entire area of the sky.  Click on the thumbnail to fill your screen.