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Jesus Christ for your soul and
The American G.I. for your freedom.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Well I am a tough old fart but age has imposed some severe limitations on my ability to deal with multiple demands – like when I was younger: I could handle a bad cold, severe stomach cramps and having to pee in the middle of the night. As it happened last night, nature demanded that my bladder be emptied ASAP while enduring a bad cold and severe stomach cramps. So I unplugged my CPAP mask and started toward the relief room – in the dark of course. Well nature also informed me that my stomach was hurting badly – so bad that I passed out. I did not know that I had passed out until my forehead struck the corner of the closet wall wherein I was stunned momentarily back into unconsciousness. Caroline was over me immediately crying not knowing what happened. I did with Caroline's assistance do what nature demanded. I will survive.


Clyde said...


In some ways it is an improvement---there is a focal point to your face. However, you were slightly better looking without the scrape marks.

Next time put a chamber pot by your bed!

Get well soon,


Shark said...

Dearest Hugh & Caroline:

Not so bad, I bet you've had worse indignities in your life. Just take care of your lovely bride and stay warm tonight!

Hugs, Pat & Robbie