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Monday, July 26, 2010

Fixing Another Rick Hunter Photograph

Ric has to learn how to retouch photos. It is essential for someone who snaps a photo in the heat of the moment and finds later that while the composition was somewhat satisfactory, that the shadows cast on the subject distracts.

The edited photo is the result of testing and trying different techniques in eliminating the excessive shadow that is present below the eagle's eye to the right and downward.

Ric, I suggest you become a member of COSTCO -- they have Adobe Photoshop Essentials ver. 8.0 for $90.00. Everything that was accomplished in PSCS5 could have easily been accomplished in Essentials 8.0.

I have many tutorials that are available that will train you, as an able Air Force Officer to be able to depend less on a US Army Officer to fix your photos.

Click on each photo to fill your screen.

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