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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Test of the GoPro Hero 3 Black

This is admittedly a crude video that is an experiment on how to control the GoPro camera and the use of Sony's Movie Studio Platinum 12 video editing software.  I can control the camera with either my Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPod via bluetooth and WiFi.  The Major problem I am having is the size of the files created on the camera that are extremely large.  The camera file used to create this video recorded at 1080p/60 is 190.3 MB.  The resulting Sony Movie Studio file when rendered for Windows was 32.7 MB.

Another problem is audio.  My purpose for purchasing the camera was for use on the DJI Phantom radio controlled quad-rotor.  I am not to sure when I will be able to fly the contraption because of the weather here in the mountains persists in sticking its nose at Al Gore and his global warming scam. If you have any interest in the RC helicopter than Google it or search for it on Youtube.   

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