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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birds On The Birdfeeders

Anyone checking my postings (I have grave doubts that I am the only one checking my postings) will have to had noticed that I keep adding photos to this post. The reason I have been adding photos is do to the acquisition of a new lens -- the Tamron 70-300 mm (4.0 - 5.6). This lens mounted on the new D7000 allows it to function as a 105--450mm lens. The lens was designed as a full-frame lens for 35mm or FX digital format DSLR's. A note about the Indigo Buntings -- the first three are males and the last is the female. She actually looks a little more grungy in nature -- but I could not resist in dressing her up to compete with the male.
I will keep adding as new species of bird wildlife expose themselves to this new lens. I am especially looking for the female Cardinal to sit for a photo. Be sure to click on a photo to fill your screen. Try clicking again and be overwhelmed with the detail of the photo.

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hungrycoyote said...

Yes, I've been checking your postings. Love the shots of the birds at the feeder! Love, Tracy